Blending Cider


This year was our first year we harvested and pressed 100% of our own orchards apples. We have an estate blend of the wide range of heirloom and bittersweet cider apples. This batch has been fermented and blended together to now age on oak to mellow the high tannins in the cider apples. This will take time to round out and will be in a barrel for the next 8-12 months. Very excited about this Iowa cider, we have been waiting for this for a long time now.

Barrel Aged Iowa Cider

We are adding more barrels to our cellar. We just picked up some local Iowa barrels from a few distilleries as well as some red wine barrels from Napa Valley. We are going to have some amazing new stuff to drink in as short as 3 months. (Very limited quantities) Others that will be inoculated with wild yeasts and other sour organisms that will sit for up to a years time. Barrel aged cider is unique and always one of a kind. The barrels breath and the organisms inside are alive and always changing. Its a little science and a little art mixed together in a great golden liquid, cider! We at Jeff Co Cider are always pushing the idea of what cider can be. We make “New American Ciders” and pushing ourselves to create unique and one of a kind ciders.